Urology E&M Workshop - Recordings

Over 5 Hours of UROLOGY E/M Training and 5 CEUs!

For Urologists [employed and private practice], APPs, Coders, Billers and Staff

Presented by: 
Mark Painter, MBS
PRS Network

***Includes 5 AAPC CEUs***

Under Coding?

Billing too many 99212s and 99213s...

Over Coding?

Billing too many 99215s...

This Self Paced Urology E/M Training and Tools 
Helps Each Team Member Learn to Pick the RIGHT Codes 

Audit Request - What's your reaction?

Do you get a 
PIT in your stomach?


Is it a 
Badge of Honor?

Turn those PITS into BADGES

***Includes 5 AAPC CEUs***

Master E/M 2021 Coding for Urology:
Urology E&M Workshop - Recordings

Includes these 6 Recordings and an Assessment

Session #1

Why E&M 2021 is So Important

Session #2

Medical Decision Making 2.0: Problem, Data and Risk

Session #3

Time, Shortcut Tools, and Best Practices

Session #4

Case Studies (2 of 23): 

Urology E&M Workshop

Top 23 Urology E&M Visits by Diagnosis - Proper Coding

Urology E&M Workshop Office Hours

Mark answers Urology E/M 2021 questions.  
Learn from others, hear the explanations.

Includes a 40 Question Assessment

Test your knowledge
Learn how to choose the right level quickly

Special Bonus

Urology Top 23 E/M Flash Cards 

Each of the 23 cards includes one of the top urology diagnosis

(Limit: 1 Deck per Paid Registration)

Sample Card

  • For Registrants Only: Not available to purchase
  • Top: Urology E&M diagnosis visits
  • Quick Access: Easily find and code the top urology E&M visits
  • Summary: Problem, risk, and data
  • Includes: Special documentation guidance
  • ​Hints: Level up or down by diagnosis

What we are going to cover...
 • Learn the correct E&M levels
 • Top urology diagnosis MDM
 • Reduce E&M audit anxiety
 • Create consistency with your billing
 • Save time
 • Help your colleagues

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• Recorded E/M Workshop
• 4 Recorded E/M Training Sessions
• Urology Top 23 E/M Flash Cards 
 (only available to registrants – not for sale)
• Recorded E/M Office Hours w/ Mark
• E/M 2021 Pocket Card and Wall Chart
• Monthly Webinar Series for PRS Customers

Registration - $497

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