Urologists’ Coding Workshop (UCW)

Saturday, July 23rd 10AM - 3PM EST • Online Zoom Workshop

Ensure you are paid (get credit for RVUs) for all urology services provided

How This Workshop Can Help Save You Time and Increase Productivity
Hear From Urologist Dr. John Lin and Mark Painter 

Workshop Topics

(times may vary based on Q&A)
RVU Basics & Metrics
E&M Best Practices
E&M Scenarios
Modifier - What Urologists Need to Know
Modifiers Scenarios
Q&A - Get All Your Questions Answered

Hear what issues other providers are running into

How to Identify Urology Coding and Billing Blindspots

Are you absolutely sure your are paid for all services provided?

If not, this workshop is the best opportunity to sharpen your coding and documentation skills to ensure you are not leaving money on the table.  The Majority of your income is from what you do in the office.

It's a great idea to make your life as easy as possible. Mastering medical coding will ensure you reach the pinnacle of your game, so you can have time and energy for patient care and happy life.

A big part of successful urology coding is uncovering what you don't know.  One of the best ways to do that is to hear from other providers the coding and billing issues they are facing.

Don't leave your income fate in the hands of others. Understanding coding and documentation is the only way to know what you should be reimbursed.

The Urologists' Coding Online Workshop will help you understand coding and documentation.

Who Should Attend

• Employed Urologists
• Private Practicing Urologists
• APPs

Coders / Billers and Admins are welcome to attend as well

PRS Network Presentation Team

Dr. John Lin

Mark Painter
Partner PRS Consulting

Scott Painter, CEO, PRS

From the Perspective of a practicing urologist 
the experts in Urology coding

Whats Included in the
Urologists’ Coding Workshop (UCW)

  • Workshop - July 23rd, 2022: 10am to 3pm EST
  • Pocket Card - E/M 2021 guidelines
  • Wall Chart - E/M 2021 guidelines
  • ​E/M Flash Card Deck - 22 top diagnoses
  • Recording of Workshop - live attendance encouraged

Sometimes, you don't know what you "don't know" until you hear what your colleagues are experiencing

Recent Attendee Comments from the Urology Advanced Coding and Reimbursement Seminar?"

   "Going through examples, lectures were very high yield"

   "Listening to others' questions and getting the answers"

   "Useful Q&A, clear explanations using real examples"

   "The detailed training that my providers need"

   "Expert knowledge simplified into real examples"

   "The variety of ways I saw how I could optimize my practice"

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